L’Acero di Daphne

“A compassionate heart can heal almost anything”. (Elisabeth Kubler Ross). The main objectives of the L’Acero di Daphne project are to promote the culture, training and practice of palliative care for people with chronic progressive diseases by doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists. A person’s life goes beyond their physical health. It must be understood in a […]

Albero Azzurro

“The beauty of the Universe is not only the unity of variety, but also the diversity in unity”. (Umberto Eco). The Albero Azzurro project, with professionals and volunteers, supports and accompanies children and young people with mental disabilities on the island of Pantelleria in Italy, organising creativity workshops, group outings and hippotherapy. Commitment to people […]

Cum Laude

“Culture is the awakening of man”. (María Zambrano). Cum Laude encourages the dissemination of art and culture in all its manifestations through the organisation of exhibitions and conferences, especially promoting young artists. Access to culture, in all its manifestations, is a universal human right. By disseminating it, Cum Laude enables young artists to make themselves […]


“I don’t care if an animal is capable of reasoning. I only know that it is capable of suffering, and therefore I consider it my neighbour”. (Albert Schweitzer). The Redención project consists of the collection, recovery, care and subsequent active adoption of abandoned dogs and cats. The abandonment of pets is a major problem in […]


“The end of life is a sacred moment and requires more than good medicine: it requires humanity”. (Matías Najún). The Paliaclinic paediatric project is dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life of children and youths affected by a serious, life-limiting and life-threatening illness, and their families, offering them emotional care throughout the entire […]


“There is no good that does not delight us if we do not share it”. (Seneca). The Solidaria project is dedicated to people at risk of social exclusion, mainly women, by offering them basic necessities goods. The coverage of basic needs is a fundamental right that everyone should be guaranteed. Despite this, many children and […]