Bicicletas sin Fronteras

“We have come into this world as brothers; let us therefore walk hand in hand, and one before the other” (William Shakespeare). The Bicicletas sin Fronteras project focuses on solidarity and cooperation through bicycles, carrying out actions aimed at the social integration of the most disadvantaged students through bicycles. Bicicletas sin Fronteras aims to provide […]


“The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined efforts of all individuals” (Vince Lombardi) France-Bénin-Vendée aims to support the population in the areas of health, vocational training, access to drinking water, agriculture and malnutrition and infant mortality. The association has brought together young farmers in an agricultural cooperative to pool knowledge and […]

Miséricordie sans frontière

“A person, discovering that he is loved for who he is, not for what he pretends to be, will feel that he deserves respect and love” (Carl Rogers). The Miséricordie sans frontière project runs the farm-school “Village de esperance et paix” with the aim of improving the future of children and teenagers with mental disabilities. […]